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Forge World Newsletter #287 - Space MarineRH1NO, Predator Armour and Minatours Doors

As always the important bits reproduced below:

Hi there, This week’s newsletter has a plethora of exciting Space Marine Rhino-related releases: the MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino, first available at Games Day UK, Rhino and Land Raider door sets for the Minotaurs Chapter, and our redesigned Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour set. As well as all this there’s a snippet of events news for you too.

MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino The ubiquitous Rhino Armoured Personnel Carrier is a mainstay of the Space Marine Chapters, and has been in continuous use for over ten thousand years. Its true origins are more distant still, and ancient records mention the RH1-N-0 Tracked Exploration and Multi-purpose Defence Vehicle accompanying explorator missions during Mankind’s Golden Age. Later, as the armies of the Imperium marched across the galaxy, the Rhino was re-armed and re-purposed for military use, and remains a mainstay of its might to this day.

There are many patterns and designs of this robust vehicle, and the MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino is amongst one of the oldest variants, first issued en-masse to the Space Marine Legions of the Great Crusade. This pattern is armed with two turret-mounted bolters, slaved to the target-logis systems of the Rhino’s machine spirit, rather than the pintle-mounted storm bolter seen on the later MkIIc design that was more readily adopted after the Horus Heresy.

The MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino, designed by Daren Parrwood, is a complete resin and plastic kit that contains a standard Games Workshop Rhino kit as well as sufficient resin conversion components to construct the MkIc Deimos Pattern variant. This detailed and evocative kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th November.

 Minotaurs Land Raider and Rhino Door Sets
A mysterious and darkly famed Chapter, the Minotaurs played a major part in the prosecution of the Badab War. Adding their full strength to the Loyalist cause, they were most lauded for their brutal and unrelenting near-destruction of the Secessionist Lamenters during the Battle of Optera.

Designed by
Simon Egan, this set of detailed Minotaurs Land Raider Doors and Minotaurs Rhino Doors will be despatched in the week commencing 28th November. Both of these accessory kits are compatible with the full range of Space Marine vehicles available both from Forge World and Games Workshop, except for the MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino which they are not compatible with.

Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour
Our final release to be announced this week is a set of Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour. This popular kit has been remodelled by Will Hayes, and now features different details and optional turret armour plates so that it can also be used on the plastic Predator kit.

Designed to fit the full range of Rhino-based plastic kits, the Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour is perfect for both adding detail and variety to a Space Marine force and also for representing the Extra Armour upgrade option.
This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th November.

Forge World Events News

Warhammer 40,000 Titanicus: Liberation of Forge World Orestes
Warhammer World – 5th November

The Forge World Sales team, and Forge World designer Simon Egan, will be joining the Warhammer World Events team and Black Library for this exciting event based upon Dan Abnett’s Sabbat Worlds novel Titanicus.

We’ll have our Event Only Space Marine Boarding Captain and Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith available to buy, and Simon Egan will be on hand to explain the finer points of designing the amazing interiors of our Titans. We hope to see you there!

IPMS Scale ModelWorld: The International Centre, Telford, 12th – 13th November 2011
Forge World will soon be trekking to Telford’s International Centre for the IPMS Scale ModelWorld 2011 event. We’ll be bringing you more news about our presence at this show in the coming weeks, but can announce that we are now accepting reservation orders for this event.

As with our other UK shows this year, we’ll be taking payment in advance for reservation orders so that it’s quicker and easier for you to collect them at the sales stand at your leisure, at any point throughout the weekend.

A reservation order is the best way of ensuring that we have exactly what you want, including our Show Only figures, so please call the Forge World Customer Service team on 0115 900 4995 to place your reservation. We’ll need your name and a contact e-mail address, and you’ll need your credit card or debit card to hand as well. Remember that the cut-off date for IPMS Scale ModelWorld reservation orders is 7th November. After this we can’t guarantee that we’ll have everything available for you.
Thanks, Ead Brown, Customer Service Manager, Forge World

DAMMIT!!!! So many tasty marine releases recently and no marine force for me til next year! Still might have to pick up one of those RH1NOs for my DW or =I=. Overall a good newsletter and some sweeeet models!
Also would be very interested to know more about the commander in the predator and where the bits are from.

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