Monday, November 14, 2011

A Tale of Some Gamers - A Quick Round-up

Hi Folks
Rather then bore you all with lots of pics of undercoated models I thought it best to give a quick run down of whats been happening.

The past two weeks has seen Dan cracking on with undercoating and deciding to play with army list alternatives. The lists have been interesting and have resulted in some extra models for him to get done, best of all he now has a contemptor :-)

For me my models have been undercoated too, despite a lack of brass etch and having to order loads. I too have played with my lists and have ended up going from a tank and 25 models to paint all the way up to a tank, several turret options, a sentinel and total of 55 infantry!!! Still the FW models are here and all being well more progress this week.

Hopefully next week it will be time for some pics for you all.

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