Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - time for more action - Week 3

Hi Folks,
time for this weeks TOTG update, time to mix it up and let one of the others have the limelight so lets start with Jono:

Jono's Week 2 Update

Another small update this week as all I have really been doing is sorting out my Gaunts, as well as a few other bits. Royal Fail bought my some plasticard and GS, I also took a trip to GW Bedford to pick up a Nid Battle force. I got the Battle force for conversion bits and future projects (as well as the Gaunts). Although I don’t really need it for this game, I figure it was a worthy investment.

Alas, as I don’t want to keep flooding you with pictures of Gaunts so please take this as a bit of an insight to my Prime conversion..

Millest's Week 2 Update
Well folks I too have been sorting out, organising and generally waiting about for Royal Fail. I have on the other hand been extremely impressed with the service from both Secret Weapon Minis,  (that's for the bases and brass etch - reviews to follow eventually) and also from FW who managed to sort my order out for me and send me my Cadian Extreme Environment Melta gunners out this week, well before the release date.
So as you can imagine this week has been a frenzy of de-flashing and washing of this little lot:
Now I don't know when things changed, as I certainly don't remember this, but since when has the pour plug and flash on FW kits actually consisted of more resin then the actual models? I know its been bad in the past but this is the worst I've seen. It doesn't actually impact the model - only in a few cases - but it seems like an awful lot of wasted resin to me.

This however isn't all I've had delivered this week, in fact this week I received all the terrain bits I have recently ordered so I have spent the past week tidying them up and organising them before assembly and sticking them on the shelf. so mainly this week my contribution to the project is this lot:
As you can see a lot of plastic and strangely a lot of filing to get them presentable! Very annoying but overall pleased with the models and very surprised at exactly how much you get in the defence line box set. Still hoping to have some more assembled bits before I go on holiday next week.

Chris' Week 2 Update
Chris has sent the week awaiting his delayed orders from FW and Maelstrom however these have now arrived and the building can commence. Due to the delays of Royal Fail we have given him some breathing space on this, however he will hopefully get up to speed once other things have calmed down.

That's the week 3 update done and dusted, as I will be on holiday from Friday until the week 5 update I will put plans in place for an early update with links to albums the two guys can load stuff up to so you can all see their progress, once I'm back my week 5 update may involve models - though this all depends on the state I return from holiday in!

So enjoy, be good and look after yourselves!

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