Thursday, March 03, 2011

Blog News - Multiple page tabs - thoughts for the future!

Been playing with the idea of adding some tabs to the top of the blog as an quick reference point for some time now to help reduce the load time and the information down the sides. So far here are some suggestions I’ve come up with, any thoughts on if they work or not, as well as any additional sections would be appreciated. The Pages in the order they would be listed so far are:

  • Home
  • TOTG 2011 archive
  • Modelling articles
  • Novel reviews archive
  • Product reviews archive
  • Friday 5 Finds archive
  • Web links Resource
Any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms or if you think it’s a bad idea please let me know before I roll them out. Please feel free to comment and suggestions on how to improve the blog are always welcome.

Thanks folks


b.smoove said...

I have been considering a similar revision to my own site and, if you don't mind, I'll be watching with some interest to see how this works out... ha. I like the topics you have; they are solid and distinct, and work well as particular bits of interest on your blog.

Millest said...

thanks for the feedback, considered it for a while and will make a start, just going to be a pain to archive it all :)
hope its a sucess

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