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A Tale of Three Gamers - The End of vacation update! - Week 5

Right folks straight in to this weeks one:

Millest's Week 5 Update

well folks as im sure it hasnt escaped your attention things have been quiet from me due to my holiday, however despite the sunbathing, swimming with turtles and evenings out I have managed to make some progress. The vast majority of my progress over the last week or so has been on this:
The stuff is without doubt the best thing to work on! I dont know if its the beer, the sun or the company but the drink is amazing. Although in all seriousness I did spend some of the week wondering if there was a gaming community in Barbados I could visit but if there was I couldnt find it :(

Still on my return and to get a few things done for the challenge I have decided to work on some of my "character" models, so without further ado here they are:

As I'm sure is pretty obvious this is a standard Solomon Lok model, I chose him to represent my psyker as it ties in the Inquisitional theme of the force (and is a sweet model). He's only been tidied up at the minute but once completed he will be mounted on a 40mm base with a couple of servo skulls for flavour.

Next up is the Officer from my platoon HQ (and I guess de facto force commander) I decided to mix up some of the bits and liked the idea of a long coat with the Extreme conditions gear. I know in the list he is armed with Las pistol and Chainsword but I liked the look of the Bolt Pistol and Power sword. The only thing I'm not convinced on is the Bionic arm, any thoughts?
He is almost complete however he needs the small eagle plate from the HQ bodies GSing on to his chest, his 40mm base and a servo skull adding when he is almost ready to go.
Up next are the two Sergeants that will lead the two Infantry squads, I didn't want to go OTT on them (and again I know their Laspistol/Chainsword armed but I liked the Lasgun arm) but I have decided all Sergeants and Officers where possible will have the eagle chest plate so I need to modify the Extreme conditions Sergeant. I also need to add either a Backpack or a Camo-cloak to the pointing guy.
Finally my the Sergeant for my Veteran Squad, this guy I wanted to look unfazed and like he is considering his next move, so with that in mind I gave him the "tech-ed up" head with extra eye pieces from the Vehicle sprue and the map arm from the command squad, this way it looks like he is considering a map - or in my eyes anyway!
The final pieces to add to him will be a Camo-cloak and some weapons laid on his base when he is ready.
I have decided, much to the detriment of my gaming, that all my officers and sergeants will be on 40mm bases. I know this will be a bitch in CC but I like idea of making each a little scene and having each accompanied by a Servo-skull, showing that even though they are Veteran Inquisition troopers they still aren't trusted. Maybe its over the top, maybe I'm been daft but let me know what you think of the idea and the models.
So apologies on not a huge update but now I'm back and I'm converting, casting and GS-ing furiously hopefully next weeks update will be more substantial!
Thanks Guys.
Jono's Week 5 Update
Well, since last week I have pretty much focussed on my Tervigon in all honesty! I have quite literaly spent hours on it and seen little/no progress!

I had to re-glue the legs, as they came loose (all is well now though), which set me back a bit. I started with my citadel Badab Black base wash, and then started to paint the main chunk of carapace in Mecharite Red. In order to make myself feel like I have accomplished something for this week's pics, I finished off one of the scything talons and the tail. Not too impressive I know, but those alone took me the best part of 2 1/2 hours last night.

For those wondering why the head isn't attached, I am still not sure which one to use from the 'fex kit, or even to get a Trygon/Mawloc head.. Please feel free to post your thoughts!

Chris' Week 5 Update

Words to come later but for now just some pictures!


Below are some pics of the hammerhead Chris already has painted from prior to the challenge that he will be using in a later version of his force to give you all an idea of the look of the army and the scheme used.


So with the likelyhood of no subbmissions coming in the future I thought it a good time for a new feature of the 500pt challenge, its the:

Challenge No Submission Casualty List
Chris - 0 model
Jono - 0 Model
Dave - 0 Model

Listed are the number of casualty models each player must have completed by the end of the challenge as a fine for their none submission of weekly updates!
The Final bit of news is that as we have reached the end of month 1 the first Challenge Favourite Model Voting Post should be going up this week so please feel free to have a look back at the work so far and once the post is up let us know in the comments section which is your favourite model in this months progress.
Thanks folks and keep reading

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