Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - The action begins, kind of!! - Week 2

Well Folks, its Tuesday and time for this weeks update, installment or confession (take your pick) of the Tale of Three Gamers. So without further ado on with the entries:

Millests Week 2 Update
Like most people the "joys" of the real world are a pain, work is a hard task master and the bodies need to sleep is a bitch, but hey I've got some nice new models right? WRONG!
Yes annoyingly this week and the first week of making any real head way on the project has been wasted waiting on new toys. Ironically my chimera and battleforce have arrived today on the day of the post! great, why did it not come on fruday so I could have made a start? Unfortunately like Chris I am still waiting on my many many forgeworld bits, but still I've decided to make the best of a bad thing.

I havent been able to do much due to waiting on my little men, however i have used the time left to me to pick up supplies and throw together a few models for the force as shown below:

Ok, so their nothing special I agree, their just some guardsmen with a few respirator heads thrown in for good measure. Well yes I would have to agree with your their, but looking at them you can see the route I plan on going down where they are more of the "veteran" look, with gasmasks, the extreme enviroment kits, standard bits and pouches galore. This should tie them in together and yet make them look like they have been fighting for years and are without peer at what they do.
Hopefully this has reflected that and the continuing work to come on my vehicles and remaining squads will show this. Hopefully by next week I will have more to show you, and hopefully some more progress the following week when my final toys arrive that will be posted in my absence.

Jonos Week 2 Update
(Blogging from the keyboard of Jono)
Onto week 2 now and I am not making too much progress. I went to visit my Sister in Newcastle at the weekend and lets just say that I didn't feel too good upon my return.

Back on topic.. Since my last update I have assembled a lot of Termagants, as well as priming and black washing a load ready for detail. I am thinking to make my workload easier, during daylight hours if I undercoat as many models as I can, I can make a lot more progress when it isn't so light in the evenings! That way all that I need to do is paint the carapace and details at a later stage. Either way, sadly, there isn't anything cool to report this week. I am waiting on availability of bits and Mr Postman to bring me something before I have anything other than gants to report! Fingers crossed for next week!

Also, although not entirely related to my army, I have fully finished one of each model that I own (woo I hear you say). Included in this four piece is one finished Gant, so you can get a taste of what the models I am going to be playing will look like.. Also, despite first thinking that the Genestealers may be too plain, I feel that them being all black is actually quite fitting (that may just be me though)!
The first of many! I am fielding 21 Termagants and will be taking around 20 to compensate for whatever the Tervigon poops out, so I have a LONG way to go.

In order to finish off the Gant, I need to give it one last coat of brown around the edge of the base. This little guy is still a bit wet as I have only just based him!

As per usual, please feel free to comment and let me know if you want any specific pictures next week.

Chris' Week 2 Update
(Blogged on Chris' behalf)
This week has been somewhat of a let down for poor Chirs. Despite his best efforts he has been let down repeatedly by Royal Fail and is still awaiting the vast majority of his models and forgeworld bits. With this understanding we have gratiously allowed him a weeks grace from the dead model penance and instead he is planning on converting a postman to a dead postman! (please note that is a joke and should any postmen disappear it has nothing to do with Chris). In honour of the hassles he is facing and in order to chivvy the post office along in to getting his stuff to him (well via me) we would like to share this instead of his models:


So folks, thats week two, not overly exciting but for the most part it shows we are on the way and are starting to make some damage on our models. Hope theres something that catches your eye, a question you have or just a comment you would like to make, so please feel free to do so, and hope you keep reading.

Millest, Jono and Chris

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