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Forge World Newsletter #352 - SoH Reaver Squad and Despoiler Squads

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Horus Heresy

Hi there,
Up for pre-order this week we have Mk II, Mk III and Mk IV Despoiler squads, and a unique Sons of Horus unit in the form of the Reaver Attack Squad. As well as this, we also have some exciting news regarding this weekend’s Games Day North America.

Sons of Horus Reaver Attack Squad
Sons of Horus Reaver Attack Squad
Reaver squads in many ways epitomised the Sons of Horus Legion’s way of war. Heavily influenced by the tactics used in the incessant tribal warfare of Cthonia, Reaver units specialised in lightning-swift assaults which maimed and disabled their foes; striking down leaders, and mercilessly cutting down any who were weak or isolated. Each Reaver unit, whether squad or entire company in strength, was effectively a warband in its own right, and its warriors fought more as individuals than regimented soldiers, and all were utterly lethal against the enemies of Mankind during the Great Crusade. 
The Sons of Horus Reaver Attack Squad, designed by Alfonso Giraldes, is a multi-part resin kit containing five incredibly detailed Space Marines, five bolt pistols, five chain axes, a power fist, a hand flamer, five helmeted heads and one Sergeant head. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 2nd August.
Rules for the Sons of Horus Reaver Attack Squad will be found in our forthcoming Horus Heresy book.
Legion Despoiler Squads
Legion Despoiler Squads
If fighting is expected to be at close quarters, such as in boarding actions or trench clearance, Tactical squads can sometimes forgo the standard bolter in favour of the combination of a bolt pistol and chainsword, allowing the Astartes more manoeuvrability in whatever tight confines they may find themselves in. These more assault orientated units are referred to as Despoiler Squads within the Legiones Astartes.

The Mk II, Mk III and Mk IV Despoiler Squads, designed by Will Hayes, are complete multi-part resin kits comprising five Space Marines armed with bolt pistols and chainswords. All three kits are available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 2nd August.
Event News
Games Day North America
Imperial Armour Apocalypse
Forge World will be over in Memphis this weekend for Games Day North America. We will have limited quantities of our new Imperial Armour: Apocalypse book available on the day, and you can find out more about the contents of the book and what units and formations you'll find within here. Those of you fortunate enough to be attending the event will also have a final chance to get hold of some of our 2012 Show only figures in the US: the Imperial Enforcer with Cyber Mastiff and the Warhammer Forge Skin Wolf.

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