Thursday, July 11, 2013

Airsoft Armoury - MICH 2000 Helmet Completed

Well folks the work has been completed and the pictures are finally here. Some time ago I started work on my MICH and bought a load of odds and sods for it as seen here:

As you can see this was origionally going to be a MICH with a marpat cover, however since I bought all these items I moved away from Marpat and over to Multicam so decided the cover wasnt really suitable. I decided then to spray the helmet and move to a patterned design.

In the end the parts used were the NVG mount, a set of Ops Core Rails, the surefire replica, an emerson chin strap and the velcro i ordered. The origional strap bought was flawed and unusable so i had to replace it.

To paint the helmet it was base coated Sand before being wrapped in the Scrim net in the picture above. Once wrapped I dusted the helmet with Olive Drab and Dark Earth paints, both mixed well and gave the finish below:

Personally despite the bulk of the helmet compare to my FAST helmet i like the effect. There seems to be something missing and i would like to add some more bits to the helmet, I just cant put my finger on what to add though.

So there you have it, the completed (at least base completion) of the MICH 2000.

Any thoughts and comments on the helmet would be great.

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