Wednesday, July 17, 2013

News - The Bolter & Chainsword Updates

Folks, time for some great news from the Bolter and Chainsword. See the below updates from their facebook group.

Brother Argos here
... I have spent most of the day trying to organise a new server and the tech team who will configure it and get our data back. I ended up feeling a bit useless not being able to do the work myself and was getting frustrated.

However as I was just about to go to bed I decided to check the donations@bolterandchainsword Paypal account to see how we were doing and was completely a...mazed / stunned.

We have raised just over $4000 in less than 18 hrs or so.

This will let us get a very good server for our new home and help considerably with our running costs. We can now afford the linux server guru I want to use to do the work I cannot. After a pretty bad weekend with no server and diminishing hope, my faith in the basic good nature of humanity (gamers especially) is restored.

Looking at the results, I think we need to thank you all for your contributions. No matter how big or small you stood up and were counted. We got donations as large as $500 - $1000, all the way down to $1 or $2.

I am going to leave the donations page up, as the more we get will help with further costs. In the morning I will purchase a new server for us, and let the Techmarines who don't require bionic eyes get down to work.

Well done everyone who donated ...

The Emperor Protects!

- Brother Argos
Further update from the B&C:

New server purchased, hardware components being assembled by the hosting team now. They should be finished by 10pm GMT at the latest.

Next stage will be operating system install, which will most probably take place tomorrow.

After that they still have to move 260gb of data from the damaged drive onto the new server and start setting up the web side of things.

So folks, it looks awesome and soon the B&C will be back! Gives me an excuse to interact more and get some more power armoured models worked on.

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