Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Black Crusade 2012 - Plague Marine Second Squad

Here are the second squad of 8 Plague Marines for the Black Crusade Charity Draw created by Michael from The Resurected Hobbyist.

To reiterate the previous post these models are were very "battle scared" I only hope my painting has done them justice. Michael envisaged these marines to be battle scared and to look like they have scavenged bits and peices from the battle field. Personally I think with the modelling and parts used he has really pulled this off.

When painting these models I took a couple of tracks and have manged I think to combine them quite well. Firstly the green and rotten colours that we associate with Plague Marines of all stripes. Second I wanted the battle damage to stand out went with a nice contrasting rust colour to show the damage more clearly. Finally I wanted these to be Plague Marines, not Death Gaurd but good old honest Plague Marines. More importantly I wanted to tie them in with the the Black Crusade and the Black Legion, so as a result the vast majority are sporting black shoulder pads in homage to that shared legion. Hopefully all this combines to give the units a coherent but uniquie look for the winner.

so on with the pictures and please feel free to comment on the second Squad:

so there you have it, the second squad and hope the pics give you a good idea of what the models are like, any questions or comments please feel free to leave comment on any of the posts.


Mercer said...

Nice Plague Marines, dude. I like the extra cables you've put on.

Have added to this weeks UK Bloggers weekly round up. Btw, you can get the UK Bloggers banner from

Millest said...

thanks for the feedback, the paintings mine but the modelling is michaels.

will add the banner later today

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