Friday, August 17, 2012

6th Edition 40k - Dark Vengence Complete Contents Pictures

so folks after the teasers earlier I have managed to trawl round the internet and have found from various sources complete pics of not only the complete box set but of the individual units. The pics look like their from a white dwarf but to say I'm interested is an understatement, here are the pics:

First up a complete overview of the box:

next we have Dark Angels Terminators and Ravenwing bikers:

now the Dark Angels squad:

Now some chaos marines complete with all shiny new hellbeast thingy that kills marines:

finally time for the cultists/militia (certainly makes necromunda seem more viable):

certainly looks awesome, I am really up for this now and would like to know what everyone thinks about this as these so far look like the best boxset models GW has produced so far


Sixgun45LC said...

I'm not a big Marine player (followed your blog from the link of Boot Camp) but the cultists look very interesting.

Millest said...

thanks for the follow mate.

cant wait for it personally, i dont actually collect either forces but im tempted to buy it just for the DA as use for something different as allies - assuming its a legal force.

Sixgun45LC said...

I'm not sure if it will have two Troops unless you split the tactical squad but otherwise it should be good. I have several older edition starter set tactical squads painted up to use as allies. They make a good deal since they're not your regular force, just used as needed.

Millest said...

also would be useful for starter games and as a change from painting green..... oh hang on!
but still very tempted by it even with the house move lol

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