Monday, August 13, 2012

Black Crusade 2012 - Plague Marine Models Pictures

Hi Folks,
well I am back from the Olympics and I return to a great big parcel containing the model I am due to paint for the Black Crusade 2012 charity event. As you may know I originally mentioned my participation in this event sometime ago, well time has finally come to step up to the mark!

For those of you unaware Black Crusade 2012 follows in the footsteps of Heroes of Armageddon and the Storm Lords projects by creating an army (or series of armies) with units from different bloggers around the web and then sells tickets to be drawn to see if you can win that army, plus there are weekly prizes along the way, more information can be found here:

So as you can guess from this I am not the only individual working on this project and in this case I am not the only person working on these models. The 16 Plague Marines I am due to paint arrived today and were created by Michael from The Resurected Hobbyist here: and to give you guys an idea of whats coming here are some pics of them:

As you can see some pretty unique and nasty looking models there. Given that these are my first Chaos Marines, and most undoubtedly my first Nurgle based models, painting these is going to be a whole new experience for me. Apologies for the basic pictures but I didnt want to give too much away until I can get some paint on them.

On a side note after taking the pictures of these guys for the blog on my phone I was rather disturbed to plug it in and discover this little nugget:

So after that little nudge from the Chaos Gods I'm looking forward to making a start and seeing what people think of the models and my efforts to do them justice.
Thanks and please check out the Black Crusade 2012.

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