Friday, January 21, 2011

Modelling News - Guard Weapons Questions & Bases update!

A fellow guardsman struggling with his weapons choices!
Well folks more progress today and a step backwards I'm afraid!

First up the step forward, today I finally took the step to order my bases for the force. I headed over to Secret Weapon Minis earlier and not only picked up a set of the Urban Beveled bases but decided to grab some of the small metal shell casings they sell. So I'm keeping an eye out for those and hope that once they arrive you guys don't mind a little review of all the bits I've ordered.
To check out their products head over here: Secret Weapon Miniatures

Now for the step backwards, I'm just placing an order on the old Forgeworld site for some of the Cadian Special Weapons Teams and it struck me I have no idea what weapons fits work in "todays" Guard Army. So folks I'm turning to you for advice on what works in what situation. To give you a bit more feedback locally I will mainly be facing Space Marines (of all flavours, both Imp and Chaos), Tau, Eldar and Orks, though obviously there are others out there. So my questions are what weapons fits are the best all rounders, both in general and for the following units:
  • Command Squad
  • Platton Command Squads
  • Heavy Weapons Teams
  • Guard Squads
In the case of all these I'd also really like to know do heavy weapons work in these squads or is it best just to run them light and just have special weapons?
Any advice on weapons fits would be appreciated as this one really has me stumped.
Thanks in advance!


The GunGrave said...

Well i dont really do much with my command squads except use them to take advisors, so never sink any additional points into them.

I make sure my Platoon Commands are tooled up with special weapons so they can lend their firepower to the squads

I usually take Vets instead of normal squads because of the 3 special weapons they can pack! If your up against marines, then AP2 Plasmas and AP1 Meltas are going to be a lifesaver! I take 4 sqauds in chimeras usuallly. Combine that with Grenadiers and the 4+ armour save, you'll be able to give marines a run for their money! If not, then i'd just take the 1 special weapon and a heavy weapon (Bolter of Autocannon in my opinion) and shove them in a Chimera with multilaser.

I dont run heavy weapons teams, but if i did and was facing marines, then heavy bolters and auto cannons would be my choice. Good sttrength weapons with reasonable rates of fire. Also autocannons are strong enough to penatrate rhinos which is a Billy Bonus!

Dont overlook the humble Russ as well! Take 2, stick one in each corner of your deployment area, and drop 5" templates on them all game! I run a Medusa as well, but that has mixed sucess!

Vendettas are a must as well i think, and for 130pts they're not badly priced! Add a vet squad with meltas and Demolitions and you've got one mean outflanking Land Raider-Hunter right there!

Could go on all day, but id take the high strength and AP weapons (as many as possible) and as much armour and armoured transports to!

Millest said...

seems like my thoughts were correct then on plasma and melta, though what is the concensus on flamers and grenades? worth modelling a few for when i come up agains those wonderful horde armies?

i take it lascannons and missles are a no-no due to their single shot nature despite their high stength?

for the most part i think i will be running standard platoons, but wouldnt take too much to throw together vet squads so that looks like a plan. but for the most part looks like melta rich platoon command squads then plasma and hb/ac squads. however running veternas i guess its as many as you can get of one type in each squad.

my only other thoughts are mainly based on leman russ sponsons? yay or nay?

Millest said...

one question (albeit a bit late) what specials would be best teamed up with heavy bolters and autocannons? im thinking melta with Hb and plasma with autocannon?
any thoughts?

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