Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 5 Finds - 21.01.11

Hi Folks
Once again apologies for the quite week from me, I've managed to get a few reviews up and have another due to go up soon and finally my order of Cadians arrives just in time to see the announcement from Forgeworld that they are planning some nice Cadian conversion kits so at the minute I'm back to a crawl but hopefully well get some work completed and some vehicles ordered soon to tie me over till the new releases! In the meantime here are this weeks 5 finds:

  1. First up over on Black Matt's blog we have some pics from the GT and of one of the most amazing looking Tau forces I have seen in a while
  2. Back to Dark Future games now for a bit of a throw down and some pics of a superbly painted space marine predator.
  3. Over on SoS we have a nice simple conversion for a vendetta for those of you fancying an Avatar theme to your force
  4. Next we have the first of our steps away from the norm and have some nice screen shots of some new DoW fan models on Musings of a metal mind
  5. Finally on Dragonforge Design blog we have their latest new product, ready made power cables for models, simple but ingenious!
Finally here is this weeks Five Finds Sneak Peek:

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