Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday 5 Finds - 07.01.11

Hi Folk
So here it is the first FFF's of 2011! With that in mind I've added a few extra bits so enjoy:
  1. First up on Dark Millenium we have some of Mjolnir's Pre-Heresy Space Wolves, very tasty and some nice details included in the article.
  2. Next on The Anarchy of Anton we have some Emperors children models and some of his other odds and sods that caught my eye.
  3. Over on Ricalopia we have his latest project ED-2000.... I mean IKE! Very neat and rather tongue in cheek!
  4. Drathmere over on 40k Hobby blog has some pretty tasty Forgeworld characters up on the blog all looking rather clean and well painted.
  5. Over on Black Matt's Blog we have a huge post showing the completed Blood Angels army, if you don't check out any other link please check this one, it rocks!
Finally as a bit of an extra as it is the new year here is a link to From the Warp where Ron has posted a rather good guide on painting red:
Ron's Red Roundup!

here is this weeks Five Finds Sneak Peek:

Last but not least, just to give you guys a heads up of my up coming reviews Imperial Armour 10 arrived this morning and I am very pleased, 100 pages in already and was suprised by the rather awesome poster. As you can see from the Pic below its MASSIVE, looks like I will be picking one up for over the painting desk along with my other 40k artwork!

Enjoy folks and who knows maybe some models might appear soon!
Thanks for reading.

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