Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday 5 Finds - 14.01.11

Hi Folks
apologies for the quite week from me, i kind of got tied up reading every spare second this week and have read two very good books, will probably get something up about them on monday and possibly (assuming my order from Maelstrom arrives) get some modelling started. In the meantime here are this weeks 5 finds:
  1. Dark Future Gaming have their return of the Artist of the week feature, this week its Bohun, some awesome models there.
  2. over on AGGTG the sentinal squadron is complete and looking rather tasty, might have to borrow an idea or two :)
  3. Independant painters has a rather heavily weathered Ultramarines rhino (not to mention a video from one of my favourite shows of all time - not to mention having worked with a chap who was there one I know a fair bit about) so worth a look
  4. More Blue Smurfs....... I mean Ultramarine action from Hephesto's Forge, a nice model and hopefully we'll see some more.
  5. Finally over at Mywargame some progress on the plan to reboot some old Salamanders, its not a big start in terms of numbers but its a nice bit of sculpting.
Finally here is this weeks Five Finds Sneak Peek:

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