Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tanks for the memories - RT motorpool

First post of the week for the RT project and we start with some of my favourite early GW kits, I remember building these style kits very early on, possibly before I had even finished a squad. I loved the old school rhino but my favourite of the smaller kits had to be the predator. I really do think it is a lovely kit and when I finally get round to my Red Hunters I plan on using the more modern forgeworld version to invoke the spirit of these kits.

After some scouring, natty dealing and a very kind donation from Damien I have ended up with this small motor pool that I would like to expand (old 60mm base whirlwind anyone?), so here they are:

as you can see a nice little selection covering both transport for my squads and some much needed fire power. I would like to source a couple more Rhinos for various projects but right now I am very happy with the vehicles I have and look forward to naming all of the tanks.

First up we have a lovely Dark Angels predator, donated to my by Damien (you might remember him from some of the blog challenges), the model is in great nick and looks as brilliant as I remember. This model already has its name and in recognition of its origional source it will be know as "Angels Gift"

Next up are the two rhinos, these were swapped with a fellow oldhammer fanatic who will be getting recognition for his part else where in the project. These two models are pretty much perfect, nothing wrong with them and a lovely smooth undercoat to make them a dream to work with.

Finally we have an example of the older style front plate on the predator, I dont remember those from the kit but assume they must have been there. This kit might take a bit more work to bring up to scratch but I think it should be ok to use. Not sure on a name but thinking either Dorns Fist or Eagles Vengaence.

More to come soon, just waiting on the final packages (again) as I always seem to find something new (but obviously old) to add to the force. Once arrived they will be up and I can start prepping for painting :)

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Swelter said...

It has to be a blast rounding up the old models, and seeing the old paint jobs, in this way! RT is what really hooked me into the hobby. I'm enjoying this adventure of yours.

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