Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oh, what utter Bullocks! - RT Era Jet Bikes

todays arrivals are something I am very pleased with, today I am now the proud owner of a set of bullocks! Bullock jet bikes that is. I have manged to source three of these bad boys in the two patterns they were made and whilst compared to the current FW ones they are tiny they are perfectly in keeping with the RT era.

This bike appears to be of the newer style they were made and with the additional detailing and markings I think it will be ideal for the squad sergaent.

the remaining two appear to be origional bikes and are very basic in apperance but have nice brutal looking front ends.

no official pilots but there are some plastic RTBs I can use for this, overall though very pleased with my purchases.

As requested by a number of people here are some pics showing the various aspects of the bullock MK1s.


Night Runner said...

Nostalgia galore! They are just beautiful!

Swelter said...

Awesome! I don't recall many RT Space Marine armies in our local group actually fielding these in the day although the original Land Speeder (a hot mess of a model) was popular. It'll be cool to have them on the table!

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