Monday, February 04, 2013

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - January Update

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - January Update

First update of a new year commitment and I think Ive managed it, was a struggle with work and travel but i think I've done well.

Workbench update
So this months commitment consisted of the following:

  • Build chimera - completed
  • Build Manticore - completed
  • Build 3 x hellhound - completed
  • paint and reassemble fast ops helmet - completed
  • paint and reassemble mich  - partially completed
As you can see a pretty successful month with pretty much everything I set out to complete getting done, the tanks went together perfectly and the magnetisation was easy, as you can see below:

All the chimeras in the lower picture have not only their multilaser turrets but forgeworld autocannon turrets and out of shot a flamer turret each as well - for any eventuality. All the tanks have magnets in the front to allow for changing out the hull mounts should I need to. There is some small detailing i want to finish (when the bits arrive) such as track guards but all are ready for spraying once the Russes are complete.

The helmet after a brief sand down and buff didn't need painting and the finished article looks great, more on this in a future post, the only downside was that the Mich2000 didn't get completed. It got an initial coat of paint but then the weather turned and I couldn't spray, hopefully this weekend that might be rectified.
So overall quite pleased but really need to get it stepped up a gear for 2013.

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