Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Airsoft Armoury - Ops Core Helmet Completed

As followers of the blog may know I have recently picked up an OPs Core Fast helmet. Overall despite inital concerns about the colouring etc it turned out it didnt need too much work afterall. Though as you can see there was plenty to add to it:
some of the items pictured but not used were things like the peltor side mounts, others such as the peltors are rigged to my vest so dont appear in the pics below, but the pads inside the helmet were adjusted to allow me to wear the all together.

So to start up with here is an overall veiw and we can go in to more detail as we go on:
 The helmet has had additional velcro added to allow the mounting of patches, lights and potentially at a later date a camera. The rails were tightened and mounting posts for my regulator goggles were added.

nothing specoal just a close up of my multicam Union Jacks, one of which will be replaced eventually but I think these are great quality patches and some of the best produced I've seen in a while.

 A picture of the rear showing my customer name tag, again great quality and the little Union Jack finishes it really well. my only bugbear is that the edging doesnt match the flag patches but thats nothing major.

 In addition to the patches a V-Lite was added to the top, whilst it seems counter productive to stick something big and glowing on top screaming "shoot me, shoot me!" it really helps on night games as I can just activate it and call hit. In addition occasionally having an identifier in CQB helps.

As you can also see a surefire replica helmet light was added to the side for general lighting purposes. Initally I did use the specific surefire mount but I felt this stuck out way to far so instead I modded one or the rails mounts that came with the helmet and made a much lower profile mount.

as you can see the surefire helmet light also has red lights for low light operations (apparently) but i just think it all looks cool in red.
So there we have it the completed Ops Core helmet, hopefully you guys like it and hopefully the Mich 2000 will look half as cool.


Panetta Panetta said...

Hi, what is patch dimensions?

Panetta Panetta said...

Hi, what is patch dimensions?

Guy Atkinson said...


Could you please tell me where you bought those Union Jack patches

Many thanks!


Millest said...

I just picked them up on eBay. The closest I can now find is this:

Iirc though I've since replaced them with IR ones of which there are many on eBay, just search multicam union

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