Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - 28.11.12

Millest’s Monthly Workbench
So folks after debating it on a few of the news groups, forums and facebook pages, as well as with some advice from some of you guys on the blog I have decided to drop the workbench commitments from fortnightly to monthly. It has been suggested by others using this format to get things done that fortnightly doesnt give time to get things dont and your more likely to become overwhelmed (and i agree) so I have decided to set more realistic targets for myself of monthly goals. So time for the first realistic goal (I hope).

Workbench update
Once again the previous two weeks for me were very busy with not only Dan's (the blogs resident ultramarine player) wedding but with general work. Happily all the reading slated for completion, Flesh of Cretacia, Old soliders never die and the Black Library Weekender Volumes 1 and 2, was finished as expected. In addition I have made a start on Tome of Fire  this week and am looking forward to completing it.
Unfortunately however the physical hobby side of things didnt pan out the way I wanted with only the additional turrets getting built. The main bodies of the tanks are still on sprues so this will roll over to this commitment.

Workbench commitment for December 2012
So once again this fortnight we have the chimera, once their completed I shall see about getting some pics on the blog.
Again more reading in the form of Tome of Fire and The Seige of Castellax on the horizon, not only that but i have just ordered the new campaign book and hopefully that should be here soon.

This month also sees some Airsoft action taking place. Not only will i be removing the airsoft trades from my toys, so expect some new pictures of my rifles for the airsoft armoury, but I also intend to Start work on my new helmet and bringing my old mich up to date with a new paint scheme and the latest accessories. I wont post pictures of them here but i will be posting some pre and post pictures over the week, This work is unfortunately dependant on parts coming from overseas for the Mich (and to a lesser degree on the fast helmet) but all being well we should have some progress soon. This does also mean i need to sort out my remaining kit and the parts from  my helmets etc i wont use and sell them (so if anyone needs anything let me know and i can let you have a list) to help cover the costs of other parts i need.

So this months commitment consists of the following:
  • Tome of Fire
  • Ther Siege of Castellax
  • Build 2 x chimera
  • remove trades from 2 x rifle
  • assemble and complete fast ops helmet
  • strip and start updating mich
  • sell no longer used airsoft kit
Overall i think a manageble goal and one that should work well now we are on a monthly system. It also gives me a simpler way to check what i need to do. Next work bench update will be at the end of December but keep an eye on the blog for progress over the coming weeks.

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