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Forge World Newsletter #325 - Legion Characters, Assault squads and weapons packs

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Horus Heresy
Hi there, We’ve got a packed newsletter for you today, with no less than four weapon sets, a character set and a new squad. You’re rather spoiled for choice this week! Plus we can still guarantee pre-Christmas delivery on all of these new releases. On the subject of which, we’ve got a reminder of our ordering deadlines for the festive season and also a new video on our YouTube channel!
Space Marine Legion Champion and Master of Signal
Ranked below the Praetors, who command the massed ranks of the Legiones Astartes into battle, is a substantial cadre of battle commanders and officers who control and co-ordinate hundreds of thousands of Space Marines across a given conflict. Commonly referred to as Centurions, more specialised officers and ranks are also included under this level in the chain of command. The Legion Champion and Master of Signal are two such commanders; both ranked equally but with very different battlefield roles.
A Legion Champion’s sworn task is to hunt down and slay the commanders and heroes of an enemy force in single combat. Armed with the finest weapons available, these deadly fighters embody the honour of their Legion.
A Master of Signal will commonly be attached to the forward elements of a Space Marine assault, providing communications support across the wider warzone, and is capable of calling down a pinpoint bombardment from either orbiting fleet assets or static artillery positions nearby, engulfing the foes of Mankind in flaming destruction.
Designed by Mark Bedford, the Legion Champion and Master of Signal set comprises two detailed multi-part resin miniatures, each a fantastic painting project and ideal centrepieces for a Horus Heresy-era force. These models also make excellent characters in a 41st Millennium Space Marine army, and this set is available to order now for immediate despatch. Rules for fielding these characters in a Space Marine Legion army can be found in The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal.

Legion MkII Assault Squad
Jump pack-equipped assault squads, whose wargear is optimised for close quarter fighting, fulfil much the same role among the Space Marine Chapters of the 41st Millennium as they did for the Legiones Astartes during the ancient and storied Great Crusade. Able to move with great speed across the battlefield and engage the foes of Mankind with savage force in bloody melee, it is a rare Space Marine force indeed that does not count these masterful warriors among its number.
The Legion MkII Assault Squad, designed by Will Hayes and Phil Stucinskas, comprises 5 detailed multi-part resin models armed with bolt pistols and chainswords. The kit contains 2 different helmet designs and 5 differently-posed sets of legs which allow for great flexibility when assembling the squad. The components are fully compatible with our existing MkII Space Marine Assault Squad as well as the rest of our range of resin Space Marine infantry, and with Games Workshop’s plastic kits. The Legion MkII Assault Squad is available to order now for immediate despatch.
Legion Weapon Sets First showcased on our Studio stand at Games Day UK earlier this year, we’re excited to release four new weapon sets this week: the Heavy Bolter Set, Autocannon Set, Volkite Charger Set and Volkite Caliver Set – all designed by Will Hayes.

‘Volkite’ is an arcane Martian term for a variety of thermal ray weapons of ancient provenance, once relatively common among the Legiones Astartes before the demands of the Great Crusade outstripped supply. The Volkite Charger and Volkite Caliver sets each contain ten detailed resin weapons which can be combined with our range of resin Space Marine Legion Infantry to construct Legion Tactical Support Squads and Breacher Siege Squads.

The Autocannon and Heavy Bolter sets each contain five detailed resin weapons and an additional scanner attachment, perfect for building Legion Heavy Support Squads in concert with our Space Marine Legion Infantry sets. They can also be used with Games Workshop’s range of plastic Imperial and Chaos Space Marines, allowing you to build striking units of Devastators or Havocs.
All four of these weapon sets are available to order now for immediate despatch, and rules for using these weapons and squads can be found in The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal.
Horus Heresy Miniatures Gallery

Click here if hololithic interference prevents this video from being displayed.
We’ve added a new video to the Forge World Visual Feed on YouTube, showcasing painted forces of the four Legions featured in The Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal.for you to admire, and perhaps gain some festive inspiration from. These are handsomely displayed on painted examples of Blake Spence’s Cityscape Tiles.
If you look closely you might even see a few unreleased models, and these will be available to pre-order within the next few weeks...
Forge World Christmas Ordering Deadlines
We’re moving inexorably towards December, and no doubt many of you are being asked what you’d like for Christmas, or leaving copies of the new Forge World catalogue lying around open to specific pages.
Remember that the Forge World Customer Service team is standing by to assist with any and all enquiries you may have – from product availability and hobby advice to helping to explain the difference between a Titan and a Dreadnought to a confused relative.

Once again some great models. more and more of this HH stuff looks like it was made just for my nice shiny mentor legion i keep fantasising about, well now it looks like it might happen :) the heavy weapons are great (heavy bolters are ideal for deathwatch) and the volkite weapons just scream plasma guns to me :)

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