Friday, November 09, 2012

Imperial Guard Sabre Defence Platforms - Are they worth it?

I was recently on the Forge World site, looking at the Cadian Hostile Environment Conversion Sets and found myself completely drawn in by the Imperial Guard Sabre Defence Platforms. You have to admit they look pretty sweet:

I don’t know how feasible these would be in a game, but if you’re playing something scenario based I think they would be a real visual treat protecting an emplacement. The question I have is who has used them, are they useful and worth taking and which of the variants are the most sucessful on the table?
Any information or suggestions on their performance would be great.


Da Masta Cheef said...

I've only used them n 5th ed, though the new artillery rules rules for 6th will probably make them more survivable. Mine have the quad stubbers (2 built, 1 still in need of assembly) and are great for taking down infantry, even marines. Its best way to think of the quad stubber platforms as long ranged, accurate, mass bolter fire. True they're only AP6, but most opponents are Spess Mahreenz, so its a moot point.

I highly recommend them.

Kevin Spyrle said...

I like the look of the quad stubbers, but I'm not sure about the platform.

I might lean towards something more like the ZPU-4

or the M-51 quad 50's

It's too bad heavy stubbers are relatively expensive bits. I mat have to scratch build one of these.

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