Friday, September 28, 2012

The Great Brush Conundrum - A Result

Thanks for all the feedback guys its actually been really helpful. The consensus across my blog, the FB groups and a few forums seems to be that if you use Kolinsky sable brushes then you can’t go wrong, no matter the make. With that in mind though three brands seem to have jumped out as runaway leaders, they are:

Raphael Brushes

Windsor and Newton Series 7

Rosemary and Co

I have looked in to all of these and actually found a local store that stocks Windsor’s and Rosemary’s, getting to hold them helped and I did prefer the rosemary’s over the Windsor’s, but barely. Unfortunately though I didn’t buy at the store, let’s just say it knows it has an audience of a certain age and they milk them. So I can home last night and did some surfing for various brushes, as nice as the Windsor’s were the fact I could get the Rosemary’s direct from the company for less than £3 per brush as opposed at least double for the Windsor’s was a bit of a game changer. So last night I placed an order for a set ranging from 000 through to 3, I know I’m erring to the cheaper ones but I think some decent brushes (even in sizes ill never use) will make a big difference. So there we have it I’ve spent £25 on some awesome seeming brushes and now to see what they do. Once they are here ill get some use in and hopefully some reviews of them and the company.

Once again thanks for your help and advice, much appreciated.

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