Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Forge World Newsletter #316 - Fellblade, Legion Doors and T-Shirts

As always all the important bits below:

Hi there,
In today’s newsletter, our third Games Day preview, we’re excited to reveal even more fantastic pre-release items that will be on sale, in limited numbers, at Games Day UK on Sunday 23rd September. We can also announce some fantastic Games Day exclusive Horus Heresy products that will be available both at the Forge World stand and in the Black Library area.
Games Day UK Pre-release Kits
Space Marine Fellblade Super-heavy Tank

Based upon the same STC data as the Baneblade and Deathhammer super-heavy tanks, which are a mainstay of the vast brigades of the Imperial Army, the Fellblade is a more advanced variant that first saw widespread service with the Legiones Astartes in the last decades of the Great Crusade.

It is most noted for its use of Mechanicum atomantic arc-reactor technology and a reinforced metaplas alloy chassis superior even to that of the Baneblade, alongside an advanced accelerator cannon as its primary armament. These systems are all fruits of Dark Age technologies rediscovered and restored to humanity shortly before the nightmare of the Great Heresy.

The mighty Space Marine Fellblade is a huge multi-part resin kit designed by Stuart Williamson, containing two Space Marine crew designed by Mark Bedford. Packed with detail, this immense vehicle will be available to buy in limited numbers at Games Day UK on Sunday 23rd September.

Space Marine Legion Land Raider, Rhino and MkIIb Land Raider Door Sets
Simon Egan and Edgar Skomorowski have designed sets of Land Raider, Rhino and MkIIb Land Raider Doors for the Death Guard, Emperor’s Children and World Eaters Legions. These door sets will be available to buy in limited quantities at Games Day UK on Sunday 23rd September.

Each set contains a front plate and two side doors for the relevant Legion, and are fully compatible with our full range of vehicle kits. Please note that the doors supplied in the Rhino Door Sets will not fit onto our Deimos Pattern vehicles.
Games Day Exclusive Horus Heresy T-shirts
Forgeworld - The Heresy that just keeps on giving!!! They are throwing so much stuff out to us at the moment its scary, even more so when you consider I want it all!!!!!

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