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Forge World Newsletter #318 - Genesis of a Primarch: Angron the Red Angel

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Hi there, We are now two days away from Games Day, and no words of mine can do justice to today’s update. Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added another interview to our YouTube channel.

Another YouTube Update

The most bloody-handed and savage of the Emperor’s gene-forged sons is the Primarch Angron, whose legendary reputation in battle has earned him the title of The Undefeated amongst his brothers. Cast in his youth upon a world of brutal oppression, he was enslaved and surgically mutilated to become a gladiator in its games of death, eventually becoming the undefeated lord of the red sands, a killer without peer.

When he rebelled against his brutal overlords, the Emperor saved Angron from certain death alongside his loyal followers, an act Angron has never forgiven the Emperor for. It is little surprise then that when his brother Primarch Horus turned against the Emperor that Angron was quick to side with the traitorous Warmaster; his only true master though was ever his rage and bloodlust.

Angron the Red Angel, Primarch of the World Eaters, will be available to purchase in limited numbers at Games Day UK. Simon Egan has laboured for many months to create this incredibly detailed multi-part resin model showing the Primarch of the World Eaters charging headlong into battle whilst Space Marines fall before his mighty axes, Gorefather and Gorechild. We also decided that this very special model deserves appropriate packaging, and so Angron is supplied in a very handsome presentation box as well.

Rules for fielding the Primarch Angron can be found in the Lords of War appendix to the Space Marine Legion army list in The Horus Heresy Book I: Betrayal. He will be available to buy in limited numbers, prior to his general release, at Games Day UK on Sunday 23rd September.

New White Dwarf Available on 22nd September
October's issue of the brand new White Dwarf contains a fantastic 8-page Horus Heresy article, looking at the creation myth of Warhammer 40,000. This article includes a look at the evolution of the Horus Heresy, from its first mention all the way up to the best-selling Black Library series and the new Forge World book. With exclusive interviews with Alan Merrett, Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill, Simon Egan and Alan Bligh, a first look at the Horus Heresy Book 1 – Betrayal ahead of its release at Games Day UK on Sunday and some exciting photography that you won't see anywhere else, it's not to be missed!

Just WOW!!! FW just keep on giving and giving, £50 is steep but it looks worth every penny and is very tempting.

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