Friday, April 15, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - Week 7 - A stressful update!

Jono's Week 7 Update

Hi All,

Somehow, last week I won the competition from the poll. Heck, there may have only been one vote, and that may have been for a model that I am not even using in this challenge (which was technically therefore a null vote), but as he voted for my paint scheme.. I still make that 0.5 - 0 - 0 to me!
In the past week I have been getting to grips with GS a bit more.. As you saw last week, I made a start on my prime, and I had a bit of feedback (thanks!) saying that I should try to beef up my prime a bit. At first I agreed, but then I started putting the rest of the bits on him..

I personally think that he looks rather good as is. He isn't too 'gangly', yet he isn't top heavy due to the lengthening of the warrior legs. Please let me know what you think either way!

I decided to go with the Ravener deathspitter chest piece in the end. I know that some people will laugh at this saying it resembles a certain part of the female anatomy, but I personally really like it so will be leaving it as is! All of the limbs are magnetised and as it stands I have 1 set of scything talons, 1 set of boneswords and a lashwhip. I plan on making a second set of scything talons using Hormagaunt arms, so that I can use these to represent lesser arms too when using the deathspitter. Lastly, I just waiting on a Ravener head before I can finish this guy off and paint him. In the pics I have just balanced on a Warrior head that I have spare.

This is him next to a warrior and a gaunt for size comparison. You can see that he doesn't tower over the other Warrior, yet he isn't exactly small either!

Overall I am incredibly pleased with this guy! Despite the rather steep learning curve with GS, I feel that this guy will look good on the table, and will definitely be of a table top standard once finished!

As always, please, PLEASE leave feedback, be it positive or negative, as it is all greatly appreciated!

Millest's Week 7 Update

Well folks back to the grindstone and back to a painful week this week! First the loss of my PC and everything on it is swiftly followed by a second kick in the balls with my camera going the way of the dinosaurs. So after one expensive repair job it looks like another or a new camera is on the way. So with all that in mind i apologies now but just to show you what I've been up to and to get some thoughts I've taken some pics using my phone camera - if i ever get a working camera these will be replaced.

so onwards and blurred-wards, first up are some of my squad leaders, now i know you have already seen them but i wanted to get some opinions of the bases for them. As previously mentioned all my leaders, from army lead down to squad level will be on 40mm bases with a servo skull (two for leaders and characters) so looking at the pics below does this larger base work or is it a tad excessive, please let me know your thoughts.

Next up some pictures of my two heavy weapons teams on their customer bases, both bases are actually the same "base" base I've just converted bits and pieces on them to make them different. So far the loaders as only stuck in place with blu tac but I'm toying with the idea of magnetising them so i can stick them on spare bases should the gunner be killed, just not sure if the idea would work.

Finally some pics of my finished Veterans to give you an idea on how I've made this squad stand out so far from the basic troops in my force, once i get a camera/repair ill be able to get some better pics of these guys for you.
As you can no doubt tell i really went to town on these guys and hopefully even at this level of crap picture it really shows.

For those of you interested the models are all on bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures and can be purchased at the Secret Weapon Miniatures webstore here! More specifically I have used the Urban Streets Beveled Edge bases that can be found here. I have taken photos and details for a review later on and who knows this might bag me some freebies ;)

As always thoughts and feedback welcome and if anyone knows a camera repair shop in Suffolk please let me know!

Chris' Week 7 Update

Guess what!...... No seriously guess...... oh go on please!
Yep your right no update from  Chris this week, a rather busy week for him, though in keeping with the rules another dead model from Chris!

Challenge No Submission Casualty List

Listed are the number of casualty models each player must have completed by the end of the challenge as a fine for their none submission of weekly updates!
  • Chris - 2 models
  • Jono - 0 Model
  • Dave - 0 Model
As always comments and thoughts are appreciated. Apologies again for the shocking pics normal service will be resumed soon i hope!
Enjoy and see you all next week!

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