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A Tale of Three Gamers - Week 6 - The production line update!

apologies on the delays in getting this weeks update computer issues caused a delay, still on with the show:

Millest's Week 6 Update
With out much preamble or excuses here are the pics of this weeks progress, though this week has been good with lots of BL books, audio books and most importantly my Forgeworld Medusa (yay!)
So here we go, starting off with the completed command squad, all completed just waiting on mounting them on resin bases prior to painting

Next up less their heavy weapons team here is Squad 1 of the infantry platoon, I finally managed to get the Eagle plate moulded on to the resin torso of the Sergeant (still need to do it for the platoon commander) hopefully the models look dynamic enough, again awaiting resin bases prior to painting.

Here is Squad 2, again less their resin bases and heavy weapons teams. The models are detailed and ready to paint though prior to undercoating they will be given a once over again to ensure no lines etc.
So folks that's my progress for the past week, there has been some additional ongoing work on my Veteran Squad and my chimera however I will post them once their complete!

Jono's Week 6 Update

Good evening readers,

Once again, not a very productive week, but then again I am now moving house in a few weeks, so managing to find time to do anything is a miracle!
Since Mr Postman has been so generous of late, I now have TWO things to concentrate on other than Termagants (ugh). My Tervigon (as shown last week) and now, my WIP Prime!

Above are all of the bits that I currently have for my prime, including some magnets!  As I am sure you can work out, I currently have bits for boneswords, and a lashwhip (not finished), but I am unsure how to do my carapace!  I want him to have the ability to use a deathspitter, but am not sure whether to use the cool plated Ravener chest piece and magnetise a deathspitter, or use the deathspitter chest piece and just use either genestealer rending claws or gaunt scything talons.  As I want this guy to be able to do anything useful from the Codex, abiding by WYSIWYG, I will be painting up some standard Warrior Scything talons, but I thought that Gaunt ST would be good for a lower, less useful set of limbs if using the Ravener deathspitter chest piece.  Suggestions below? 

 This shot is comparing the size of a warrior with the legs that I have made for my Prime. As the Codex states that a Prime is just an Alpha Warrior, I didn't want to add too much detail to make him that different. As such, the GS came out and I have made him about 15mm taller using plastic warrior legs and tail! He will definitely stand taller than his comrades when marching across the battlefield for lunch! In order to finish the torso and tail off, I will be adding a Ravener torso and extending the tail by 10mm or so!

Lastly, as I have actually done some painting this week, I thought I would show off my finished Tervigon head.

I picked the war torn head, as I really like it.  I am not sure if I will use this head on the finished Tervigon, but I really like it either way!  If carnifex become usable in the next Tyranid codex, this will definitely be used then.  Again, if you have any suggestions, please do comment below!
Chris' Week 6 Update

Unfortunately no update from  Chris this week, a rather busy week for him, though in keeping with the rules time for our first dead model! yay! have told Chris a nice dead gun drone would be OK so lets see what we get!

Challenge No Submission Casualty List

Listed are the number of casualty models each player must have completed by the end of the challenge as a fine for their none submission of weekly updates!

  • Chris - 1 model
  • Jono - 0 Model
  • Dave - 0 Model
Finally as a teaser from one of your colleagues who may be joining us later in the year here is a little taste of the Grey Knights he has just picked up, these are only his second set of models so I am interested to see how they turn out.

As always comments and thoughts are appreciated.
Enjoy and see you all next week!

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