Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - The Introduction

Hi Folks,

well now its time for a new feature of the blog and hopefully some more action!

After a very dry (blogging not the weather unfortunately) and depressing few weeks slogging at work I've got together with a couple of my colleagues and we have decided to start our very own painting challenge.

so welcome one and all to the greatest show on this blog:

(Drum roll please)


(Applause or general heckling!)

That right after months of promises, random pictures, link collections and the odd conversion or test model I have teamed up with two good friends and colleagues to create something meaningful and produce the results and pictures you've all been waiting for!

First up some brief introductions to each of the three gamers and our force selections:

General well loved Bloggister and all round man in charge (well the blog anyway) and for this challenge creating an Imperial Guard Force.

All round odd ideas person and voice of costing us money, who for this Challenge will be creating a Tau Empire Force.

Some say he once saw the true face of the Stig whilst in a male toilets, all we know is he will be creating a Tyranid Force for the challenge.

So say hi to the three Amigos:

So there you have the bare bones of who we are and what we plan on creating in the challenge. I was planning on getting them to write their own submissions/excuses with their pictures but lets see how that pans out shall we!

Right so on to the challenge:

Firstly timescales, this Challenge will run from the first Tuesday in March - conveniently the 1st of march through to the last Tuesday in May, with Final complete Force pictures and information submitted for posting on the 31st may, conveniently another Tuesday! anyone would think i planned that. "Wow that's a long time for a 500pt challenge" i hear you cry, well yes it is but unfortunately some of use work funny shifts that mean large portions of our time is eaten up, not to mention holidays and the fact life is bound to get in the way. In addition there are some additional challenge activities in the rules and we're all bound to faff about with other projects.

So finally after the overview here are the rules for the challenge:
  • Submit a 500pt lists (with fluff for the force if possible), this list is the force you will collect for the challenge - if you do decide to deviate and work on a new list then you can resubmit the list for checking and uploading.
  • Basic force organisation criteria are required, i.e. 1 HQ and 2 Troops are required.
  • No special characters are permitted.
  • Any forgeworld models are to be treated as codex options, unless otherwise agreed in advance by the other players.
  • Set a deadline for the end of may, giving us three months.
    Weekly submissions from individuals required by Monday evening so they can edit up and post on Tuesday. This must be at least 1 picture with information on the work carried out both in general and in the picture.
  • Any weeks missed with no submission or repeat pictures (where people try to be sneaky) mean you have to convert one of your models as dead for terrain use or a small objective for your force.
  • Pictures of conversions without paint are acceptable but must be noticeable conversions.
  • The contributors will also work towards painting and modelling £20(ish) worth of terrain each for your force/forces as part of the challenge.
  • Pictures and work on other models outside of the list can be submitted but do not count as your weekly submission for the challenge, and they can be included in future lists.
  • There will be a monthly vote on the favourite model of the past month with a possible prize to be decided later by the contributors. This will be in the form of comments on the monthly update.
  • The challenge will culminate in the end with a final vote on the best force and a small prize to be given – maybe!
As you can see we will also be working on terrain as well as the side project of creating some gaming boards once the weather improves. So any thoughts on the challenge or input on how things could go smoother?

I think most if not all three of us are looking at creating a core 500pt list, but then on top of that creating and modelling some variations on the theme. I for one know I have two other lists I would like to work on in conjunction with this challenge.

Eventually once the 500pt is complete we will then have a reported three way battle that will be published on the blog for all to see. There will also be a vote on the best force and then the winner gets not only the kudos and bragging rights but may get a small prize and most importantly gets to pick the sub-challenge for the 1000pt leg of the on going painting challenge.

Well folks there you have it, MMM might finally get some finished models on it and hopefully some of it will be inspirational so stay tuned and enjoy.

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Deadmeat said...

This seems really interesting. Maybe I should do something like this with my friends.
Best of luck Millest and your buddies as well.

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