Saturday, February 19, 2011

Army Lists- Imperial Guard 500pt Variations!

Well folks in preparation from an upcoming project I've got round to re-jiggering some of my existing army lists as well as having a submission from Mark over at Imperius Dominatus. My problem is there are two many options to decide upon, so your mission should you choose to accept it is to help me pick a list, or if none are sufficient to the task to help me formulate a new 500point list.

Before we start at present my main opponents will be a Tau force, a Nid force and potentially a Kroot mercs force. Later on i may be facing Marines or MEQ but for now Tau and Nids are my main protagonists.

So with out further ado here are the lists (please click on them to enlarge), there will be additional notes below each list:

1 - Imperius Dominatus 500pt gun line
A nice simple 500 point AC heavy list with the option to swap the Griffon out for either a Hydra or two sentinels at a later date.

2 - Valkyrie 500pt Veteran response force
A fast response force meant to represent an inquisitional raiding party with the Psyker counting as an inquisitor. There are options available to drop some of the meltas and the door heavy bolters and either have two valks with rocket pods, one with pods and one with lascannons or two vendettas.

3 - Chimera 500pt Veteran response force Mk1

A tank mobile option with 3 tanks and a full HQ unit this time, with the option to swap the Griffon out for either a Hydra or two sentinels at a later date if desired.

4 - Chimera 500pt Veteran response force Mk2
Similar to above really but with a psyker (inquisitor) instead of the HQ, one less tank but allows for the inclusion of a sentinel and once again with the option to swap the Griffon out for either a Hydra or a further two sentinels at a later date.

5 - Static Defence 500pt force
A mixture of a static AC heavy gun line with the rapid response nature of the veterans in a Chimera with the Psyker (Inquisitor) and once again with the option to swap the Griffon out for either a Hydra or a further two sentinels at a later date.

6 - Valkyrie Static Defence 500pt force
Basically the same static AC heavy gun line with the rapid response nature of the veterans in a fully tooled up Valkyrie with rocket pods and door bolters, also the option to go for the vendetta when needed.

7 - Leman Russ Static Defence 500pt force
As above once again but with a Russ to anchor the corner, this means the vets are much less mobile though. It does mean though that at a later date the Russ could be swapped for other vehicles of a similar points cost, failing that the vest could be swapped for another platoon (minus some special weapons) and the Russ could be kept.

Well folks there you have my attempts at lists so now is your chance to tear them apart, improve them and help me create a new list or to just simply help me select a list from these, the list selected or created will then be modelled up and used.

thanks in advance


Porky said...

There's something about 500 points or less that gives instant character, as if every model is more of an individual. I like most of these options, for the clarity of concept.

Anonymous said...

Nice lists, very similar to some I've been working on. Did you ever play any/all of these and if so, how did they fare? Any changes to the above from experience?

Millest said...

Dodgy I generally use list 5 at the minute (dont have the models for the others completed yet) but out of 5 games with it im 3w,1l, 1d. not a bad list competative against any other army at the same points value but as my loss showed me with IG you really are at the whim of the dice gods. I rolled nothing posative the entire game and was wiped out - lets just say if i had to roll to hit i didnt!
winner for me in the list is the vet squad, stick them in the chimera and attach the psyker and they get very nasty :D
let me know how you pan out playing with the list.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks for the feedback! I came up with lists similar to 1, 3 and 5 but with CCS instead of psyker throughout. Including a LRBT wasn't something i had even considered but it's intriguing and I'll try to see if I can work out a good mix with one. Not interested in valk/vendetta as I'm sure they wouldn't make it to my turn if I didn't get to go first, but the LRBT should make it through just fine if I can get a good list around it.
One other question ... Did you find that HHF instead of HHB on any of the chimeras would have been better? I was thinking of that for better anti horde without having to add many/any flamers to the squads.
Appreciate your input, thanks!

Millest said...

The HHb is definately better. The HHf is ok but if anything gets that close that you need Flamers the rest of the force is screwed. The HHb means you can engage further out and get a few rounds off every turn and in some cases hold forces off til you can concentrate on them with other weapons

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