Thursday, February 24, 2011

Army Lists- Imperial Guard 500pt votes are in!

Well everyone the votes are in and I'm pleased with the results. The leading list was thankfully the one I was leaning towards if i had voted (but didn't as don't want to skew the votes), though thankfully its versatile enough to allow me to make List 1 as well.

The winning list as I'm sure some of you saw was List 5, as seen here:
So there you have it, looks good and will certainly look the part on the table i think.
Thanks for voting and cant wait to start!

on a side note I'm looking for three specific items and need suggestions and ideas please, those items are:
  • An ornate las pistol pref in the left hand but that's adjustable
  • A chain sword fit for IG with no hands on it (i.e. it still has the grip - though if it has an easily removable hand that's good)
  • A thunder hammer style hammer ideal for IG with the tech theme of 40k - no fantasy please

any suggestions or offer can either be emailed to me or put in comments.
thanks for any help or offers.

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