Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Flash Back - Foray in to Retro Gaming!

Well it was bound to happen eventually that whilst on my nostalgic trip that I started on with my Rogue Trader Marines that I would delve in to other Retro games.

I ended up looking around for a few things that took my fancy and found they were just too expensive, but whilst on the Oldhammer Trading Community on facebook I came across this little gem for a really good price!

That's a mint copy of Games Workshops 1987 Rogue Trooper game, a game based in the Judge Dredd universe from before even some of my RT Marines were made.
Looking forward to playing this game, now I wonder if I can play it in my local GW ;)


Zzzzzz said...

I suspect that no one who works for GW would recognise it. >sigh<

I recall a possibly apocryphal tale of someone who brought his RT Imperial Army Army for a game at his local GW being challenged "You're only allowed GW figures here."

Millest said...

In the past I have been that guy when doing some RT odds and sods for fun. I have been challenged by kids and staffers alike for my non gw rip off marines. Luckily hasn't happened for some time but that's more down to the local stores having good managers

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