Monday, April 20, 2015

New Imperial Knight Weapons Options - 3d Printing experiment

So whilst trawling the web I came across a number of different options people had used for additional or new weapons systems for their Knights. I love the new knight but I do feel it needs more options. So after some looking around I decided it was time to spice up the Household, I don't usually use 3rd party weapons (accessories and the like I have no problem with) and have never actually looked in to 3d printing until now!

A couple of weeks ago I was on Shapeways (one of the recommended stores) and I came across a 3rd party that was offering these 3d printed missile launchers for the Imperial Knight, so I decided to have a punt on this and ordered this from the Imperial Workshop

I thought this might work well on a Knight and give it the look of a Mini Reaver, I thought with the crenelated top it would even work on my Ad Mech Knight. So after a bit of thought it was decided I would order a couple, yes they aren't the cheapest add on in the world but boy are the nice.
So I decided to give the Imperial Workshop some of my hard earned pennies and ordered one in clear resin - apparently the highest quality - and one in their standard print. I ordered them and sat back and did nothing. well I did lots but nothing hobby related unfortunately.
A week later and the models have arrived from the states, that in itself is pretty good service! I was rather excited and tore in to the box and boy was I in for a surprise. Not only did the Imperial Workshop deliver on design but the nailed it on quality. The Clear one was perfect in everyway (unfortunately however it doesn't lend itself to photography) but the white/creamy one was brilliant too.
The models were crisp and clean and felt great. They needed some assembly but not much (its a small three part kit) but unfortunately during this I managed to damage the missiles on one side of the white version (no issue with the kit just me putting a still spinning dremel where I shouldn't) but this was easy to rescue as you shall see in a second.
So after a bit of sanding and fettling on the missiles I was pleased to say that I was left with and if you are interested this is the final assembled result.

I think this looks awesome and with some of the other toys I have ordered it fits perfectly with the unique flavour of the Knights in the 40k universe.

A big shout out to the Imperial Workshop and shapeways for a great model that I really am looking forward to completing. Also as a nice piece of cross promotion I am quite pleased as neil who runs the workshop has added me as his twitter link as I was his first customer and review so hopefully there will be more coming from him soon :)



Greg Hess said...

That's awesome! It's a mini reaver launcher!

I also think a great source for missiles for the knight, would be besdies the cockpit section on the shoulders, much like an archer battletech mech. I don't know what the space is like under those shoulders though!

Millest said...

it would work and would take a bit of fettling but then you would lose some of the detail that is under there like the stubber etc.
good idea though for a future project :)
quite pleased as neil who runs the workshop has added me as his twitter link as I was his first customer and review so hopefully there will be more coming from him soon :)

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