Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Faith restored in humanity, well Online ordering anyway - Wamp Store Review

As regulars on the blog may recall back towards the end of last year/early this year I had somewhat of a nightmare with Wayland Games. The crux of which was they lost a potentially lucrative (read more money than sense) customer who would have made way too many orders and I have warned everyone off them who I speak to about online sellers.

When all this happened I was somewhat dubious about ordering things from discount stores for a while but after posting the tale of woe on several groups I received a message via face book from a store owner.

Initially dubious as it was weird to receive the message and it was from a store I had never heard of I decided to chat with the fella and see where it went. My initial reservations were rather plentiful as I am sure you can imagine but after some chatting it transpired the Wamp Store was relatively new and seemed to be doing good work. I was also heartened to have a good honest chat with someone (who really should publicise their store more) and was reassured in to placing an order with them.

Initially they didn't stock any of the Secret Weapon bits I was after but told me they could get them for me at a good price and get them out to me straight away once in stock. Rather than fluff about and lead me on they advised a date for order and for delivery to me, they then listed the items I needed on their store so I could place a trackable and recorded order. This was a nice touch and went some way to settling my concerns.

The waiting period passed very quickly for the item, mainly because they came well before the deadline dates. This speed was a nice little touch and considering Secret Weapons location and stock I was very happy with. The items were well packed and securely sent. the service from Wamp Store was great and the effort they went to in order to get my business was much appreciated. Its nice to have a store that is willing to work with the customers.

The store front of their site is basic but clean and goes a long way to showcasing their available products. In addition their willingness to work with people and to source items they don't stock is a nice touch and if they start stocking more Secret Weapon stuff at good prices (*cough* the tables *cough*) then the odd order will turn in to a lot more.

Great site, great owner and great service, thanks for looking after me Brett and good luck for the future.

Visit Wamp Store HERE


Warlord Paul said...

I had a big email bust up with Wayland last year over their communications, customer service and general attitude. I ended by saying they had lost me as a customer and they asked for my number but I never got a call (so screw them). I like to keep track roughly of the money I've spent supporting my FLGS instead of with them, thanks to a new edition of D&D it is in the hundreds already. :)

Millest said...

given the advent of a new local GW its sad but they are getting a lot more of my money now, so I guess im getting less bang for my buck but I am keeping a local hobby shop open in a way. the guy running the local GW is much more friendly than the wayland guys.
I will always use someone like wamp though for accessories and supplies.

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