Sunday, February 08, 2015

Horus Heresy Weekender informantion and more pics

There will be more than one of each Primarch model.  Chaos for sure, as they will be pre and post Heresy.  Probably loyalists too (But not poor Ferrus Manus).
There will be a Garro model.
There will be a Warlord Titan, but not anytime soon.  But when Tony Cotrell asked who would buy a Warlord, fully 1/2 the audience raised their hands.
Horus Heresy Book Series
- Book 5 will cover Calth.
- Book 6 covers the shadow crusade.
- Book 7 is penciled in for Prospero
– Mars Civil War book being within 4-5 books.
Also next primarch is almost certainly going to be Guilliman due to the announcement being held back till the ‘Tempest’ seminar Sunday (about ultramarines).

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