Sunday, March 09, 2014

Imperial Guard Militarum Segmentus - some thoughts and conclusions on the sneak peeks!

Ok so bear with me, as silly as this sounds I think GW have finally given Imperial Guard players what they have always wanted! I think we are finally getting a Storm Troopers army!

Strange that may seem but let me exaplain my logic based on this picture:

ok, so we have all seen this and have finally accepted GW are finally giving the guard some love! So I hear you cry why is this a Storm Troopers army?

Three reasons jump out for me:

first the codex, not only is it online only but its a mere 72 pages, a true IG coded would be equal if not greater than the exsisting SM codex and importantly everywhere!

second the names, if i remember my old fluff I am sure that militarum tempestus is the name of the military academmy in the tempestus sector where the storm trooper regiments and commissars for the segmentum are trained.

third and finally its the name of the unit "Militatum Segmentus Scions" to me this harkens back to the old background where the storm trooper regiments were taken from the segmentum scholam where the orphaned sons of military officers were sent, in otherwords their scions.

so those are my thoughts, could it be GW are giving us a storm trooper army in a similar vain to the defenders of terra codex? could it be we are getting some shiny new models to the already great range we have that are able to be used in their own right?
let me know your thoughts and interpretations!


Bitz Store said...

Very surprised by this announcement, we did not expect at all to this. I love Taurox, it changes what is being done in Warhammer 40k.

Millest said...

i think this has suprised a lot of people, myself included, im not a big fan of the taurox but i can see its potential as an Arbites riot van or similar, just be interesting to see what else comes out of the next few WDs

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