Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hobby News - Spring Clean

Hi folks,
New we are in to spring (though on some days with the british weather its hard to tell) its time for a clean and a clear out of assorted bits and pieces, I dont normally do this but I need to raise fund for the new house and moving.
I will be listing lots of things on Ebay over the weekend as i build projects and sort out the many bits boxes I have, will be listing lots of Forgeworld bits and all sorts of toys and components. In the meantime here are some bits for presale :)
All the below prices include paypal and uk postage. Overseas postage is possible but will cost extra im afraid.

Warhammer 40k rule book - £10
Warhammer 40k psychic cards - £10
Apocalypse strategic cards - £10

All dice sets include all dice and the servo skull markers/stands:
40k dice set in vostroya lasgun mag (vehicle markers) - £12.50
40k dice set in mars lasgun mag (dice/wound markers) - £12.50
40k dice set in triplex phall lasgun mag (battle field objective markers) - £12.50

Thanks for looking folks and hope something here catches your eye. 

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