Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Terminator Armour Open Challenge - Completed Submission 2

Details of entry 2 for the Terminator challenge, including the pre-painting picture:

Name: Dan
Model Details: there will be a few other superfluous items included in the finished article such some GK embellishment to make this more of a librarian. Model will be added to my Ultramarine force and is codex compliant.
Parts List: Dark angels Deathwing knights torso
Standard SM termie legs
Standard termie thunder hammer right arm
FW Culln left arm
FW Asterion Moloc spear
GK termie book
FW Ultramarine termie shoulder pads

Pre-Paint Picture:
Completed Pictures:

Notes: Librarian Horentus attached to the Ultramarines 2nd company. Carries into battle his holy storm bolter to smite his foe from range but when the fight comes toe to toe he wields his force spear. This spear is said to contain fragments of an ancient terran artefact but none can or will confirm its origins.
This model is a bit of kit bash for the main with a small amount of conversion work. The main conversion is on the right arm where I took off the thunder hammer and replace it with Asterion Moloc's spear, pretty straightforward chop and glue job, I have also re sculpted the spear head as the tip was a bit thin and fragile. For the paint job I wanted this modle to fit in with my existing army, so he is looking a bit dusty and dirty


Unknown said...

I love the spear, and the book banner as small details. I think I would have given him some more lightning bolts here and there to make him stand out just a bit more but that's just my opinion. Overall great job, and good luck :)

Millest said...

I'm very impressed with the base conversion for this. Dan hasn't been modelling long and I think his conversion is really good and hope he does well.

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