Sunday, December 30, 2012

Airsoft Armoury - Ops Core Helmet Work in Progress

Following on from the MICH 2000 we have my newest addition, I have recently picked up an OPs Core Fast helmet. This doesnt need too much work but theres enough to do to make it fun, the helmet and its accompaniments was a good buy as you can see:

the first thing to do though is to spray the helmet, as you can see its very dark brown rather then tan. Once done its time to add the velcro and then adjust the pads inside to fit the new replica peltors i have picked up. In addition there is the surefire light and the v-lite from the other helmet to fit on here too. The helmet is a nice fit and the new suspension system they have replicated in it is very comfy.
Once the weathers better I will be able to spray and all being well that will be after christmas day.
hope you like.

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