Saturday, December 29, 2012

Airsoft Armoury - MICH 2000 Helmet Work in Progress

Hi folks,
as an expansion on the airsoft armoury theme I've decided to share some of my kit projects with you. At the moment I'm in the process of upgrading all my kit, I have recently moved on to Multicam kit (more details in a later post) so with that in mind I have decided to update my helmet collection.

First up is my old MICH 200, as you can see this is a bog standard olive coloured helmet made from fibreglass.

nothing special I know but to improve it and bring it more in line with current trends and helmet tech I have this little lot to add to the beastie:

my first improvement will be to spray the helmet with a skin style pattern (the scrim is for that) before adding the following accessories:
  • genuine issue pads
  • tan chin strap
  • ops core rail set
  • nvg mount
  • surefire helmet light and mount
  • v-lite replica
  • velcro (awaiting delivery)
these should add a nice edge to this helmet and make it work well with not only my new multicam kit but will also work well with my marpat and tan kit (good for nice woodland games in summer). Will post more pics when the work is complete but unfortunately its a tad too moist to spray at the moment.
Any questions on the helmet, parts or anything please let me know.


Admiral Drax said...

I know nothing about airsoft stuff, but no cat's eyes for the back?

Millest said...

cats eyes are dropping off the radar more and more with real world application with IR beacons or v-lites taking their place, plus the ones that are easily availible to the airsoft market arent great. personally never liked the look of them and with the painting/bare style of modern helmets they look a bit odd.

Admiral Drax said...

I see - thanks!

Guess I'm too out of the loop these days...

Jason Smith said...

May I ask where you got the helmet cover and chin strap?

Millest said...

hi jason, both the cover and the strap were bought from ebay but on actually installing the strap i found it was flawed (sewn up in such away as to be unusable) this has since being replaced by a genuine emerson strap but replicas can be got here (someone on one of the forums suggested they come from the same factory as the genuine ones):

the helmet cover again was tried but then discarded in favour of painting, mainly because i now use multicam and the cover wouldnt work, so that got sold, just need to sell my goggle cover now, but helmet covers are here:

or the general link here:

they arent cheap but they are worth it if you are off for the look.

hopefully will have some finished pics of the helmet up this week and some more pics of the rejiggered ops core helmet too.

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