Monday, June 11, 2018

Graia-pattern light freighter - Making the legend

So as a follow on to the previous post this is my latest terrain piece and how it was made.

I've aimed to create a nicely weathered lander that not only functions as a believable bit of scenery but could also be used as a counts as Aquila Lander.

The model itself was inspired by Mr Hemphills work (check out his pintrest here ) and is based on a Transformers Autobot playset. This is how the beast arrived.

As you can see its a nice model to start with but the colour doesnt quite scream 40k! So time to hit it with some paint, some coloured plastic window inserts and finally some transfers from various sheets.

So the model looked nice and worthy of a Rogue Trader, when the plastic windows were mounted I also added a couple of LED lights inside with a 9v battery just for that extra bit of fun (although the noise and lights that were originally inside the toy still work :) )

I then hit it with some of the Forgeworld Weathering powders to give it the look of a craft that had not just sruvived atmospheric re-entry once but several hundred times. I think the weathering came up well but then varnishing was when things went wrong! Despite all the shaking, checking tempurature, humidity and praying to the modelling gods things went ploin shaped :(

Furrier and dustier then a peice of 200 year old taxidermy! Still luckily one of the helpful chaps online recommended using Olive oil to rub the model down and take the fur off. As you can see from the pics in the fluff article that has managed to save the model and give it a bit more depth.
For those of you interested in that sort of thing here is the model before the varnish incident:

So my first terrain piece in ages and the first of many interesting and new things to come!


Douglas Glover said...

Really like it! (especially as you saved it from the furry powder mishap.)
Posts like this are going to get me back into building small terrain shuttles/ships from a variety of toys. Thanks for sharing it!

Millest said...

Many thanks :-)
Apologies I’ve only just had notification of this comment!

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