Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blog Spring Clean - 2016 an attempt at a fresh start

As you may have noticed the blog has finally being spruced up and is now a tad lighter. Hopefully the changes look good to all you readers but if you have any comments or thoughts please leave a comment below.

I've taken the opportunity to remove some bits and move everything around to make things easier to find. Whilst doing this I have decided to do the same with my hobby items. Unfortunately the only things that couldn't really make the cut and be kept on were my Rogue Trader bits.
I found I had way too many models and vehicles for what I wanted to achieve and what I needed and as these are unlikely to get done anytime soon I've had a purge. If you are interested or would just like a nose around the items i am getting rid of are here:

hopefully once clear of those I will be able to get more of an opportunity to push on with the 1313th, Mezoa, my knights and another side project or two. As a sneak peak here is something i have planned for 2016


Anonymous said...

Well I just nabbed the land raider for my Kakofoni project :)

Millest said...

Will get that sorted for you and see if I can find any useful bits for you :-)

Tommy Hovind Kristiansen said...

That would be awesome, thank you! I'll take what you can offer but heads of various types are always good :)

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