Monday, September 07, 2015

Another massive list of things to clear out!

Apologies again another sales place holder so I can link to the pics on the forums :) again if interested though please drop me a line :)

Hi folks, the massive “ive been ripped off by a builder” sale continues with new items, updated prices and list.
Again more oldhammer, books, badges and bits being found and as a result offered for sale.
All prices include UK shipping and any paypal fees, overseas shipping is available but will be via international recorded so could be costly. All prices are also open to offers so feel free to give me a go
Updated list of all that’s up for grabs is:


Zzzzzz said...

oooh, Bagsie Aeronautica Imerialis, if it hasn't gone yet.

Millest said...

email sent my friend

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