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Millest’s Monthly Workbench - December Update and January Commitment - 08.01.13

Millest’s Monthly Workbench - December Update and Janurary Commitment

First update of the new year and first up, hope you all had a good Christmas or other holiday and that the new year was a pleasant start to 2013 for you all. So folks this months update and commitment will be a nice short one so enjoy and feel free to share your own hobby commitments. So time for the first realistic goal (I hope) of 2013.

Workbench update
So December was an odd month again hobbywise, got done mostly everything I wanted but the weather precluded spraying my helmets and being in the new house I didn't think stinking the place out with krylon was a good idea, so here is the brief round up:
  • Tome of Fire - read
  • The  Siege of Castellax - read
  • Build 2 x chimera completed
  • remove trades from 2 x rifle - turns out i had official G36 real steel trades on my Kv but only airsoft H&K style trades (very close to real thing) on my Cv
  • assemble and complete fast ops helmet - the helmet was stripped and all parts test fitted but couldn't spray due to the weather.
  • strip and start updating mich - the helmet was stripped and all parts test fitted but the rails didnt fit, now for sale and ordering msa rails, also couldn't spray due to the weather.
  • sell no longer used airsoft kit - all done (apart from 2 warrior pouches in MC)
As you can see a pretty successful month with pretty much everything I set out to complete getting done, overall quite pleased but really need to get it stepped up a gear for 2013.

Workbench commitment for January 2013
So once again this month we have the tanks! I have a third chimera to build, once completed I shall be looking to complete my manticore and start on some hellhounds. Once built I will see about getting some pics on the blog.
Again more reading but I wont be adding this to the official commitments list as i will be doing way too much reading as normal so would fill the list.
Finally I intend (weather and shed space dependant) getting the two helmets prepped and painted prior to going to the sandpit on the 20th of the month.
Whilst I appreciate this doesn't seem like a huge goal for the month I unfortunately will be on jury service to two weeks of the month (maybe even longer but hopefully not) and if the jury service ends on time I will be away training people for at least a week, followed by a trip to nottingham at the start of feb (though only for work worse luck), with that in mind I think my plans are manageable and goes a good way to getting things moving.

So this months commitment consists of the following:
  • Build chimera
  • Build Manticore
  • Build 3 x hellhound (potentially)
  • paint and reassemble fast ops helmet
  • paint and reassemble mich
Overall i think a manageable goal so please do keep an eye on the blog for progress over the coming weeks.

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