Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hobby Request - Looking for bits - Important

Hi folks,
Bit of an unusual request here for the blog. I'm trying to source some bits for my guard tanks, so far I have tried all the usual places but alas no joy. I'm trying to find the following parts:

Imperial guard chimera long track guard section.

Complete sets of chimera track guards - not the fw ones.

Rhino chassis headlights.

Predator sponson sight/sensor from the top of the weapon mount.

Landspeeder storm light.

Baneblade headlights.

If anyone can help out with any of these please please please let me know. I'm happy to trade anywhere as I need to get these bits to work on my tanks.
Thanks in advance


Koloth said...

This website has some trackguards available.

The owner has a thread on Dakka Dakka here

Millest said...

hi mate,
thanks for the link but they only have the short lengths which wont work im afarid but i will keep an eye on the site.
although to be honest after a bit of an issue with a recent order im not 100% sure on using them again.

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