Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Airsoft Armoury - An Update

As promised folks some updates on the many hobbies of Millest.
As regular followers are aware over the past few years I have amassed quite an armoury of airsoft "weapons" or toys as I generally call them. However recently after a few bad experiences and the fact the toys are getting on a bit I took the hard decision to part with them. In the end I sold both the G36c and the M249, but don't worry friends and followers it isn't all bad, far from it in fact.
The sale of my toys has allowed me to invest in a nice shiny toy, so I would like to take this time to introduce you to the latest member of the armoury, my nice new G36KV:

Apologies for the stock photo but there is a touch more work I would like to do to it before I get some more pics up.
This new toy is a Umarex G36KV with EBB - Electric Blow Back - or recoil which is nice, and playing with others massively out ranges my old G36c. So please keep an eye out for new pics soon.
hope you like, I know I do!


Mercer said...

Nice, dude. I've just got into airsoft myself and using a Steyer Aug A3.

Btw - you from B'Ham area?

Anonymous said...

What's the carry handle scope like ?
They are usually pretty poor.

Millest said...

mercer - great fun isnt it, always liked the augs but theres something about the g36 that wins out for me. also not from brum im afraid mate.

Anononononon - the scopes actually a reasonable 3x mag, the eye relief isnt great but you dont expect it to be. personally as i use a face mask its not much good to me but looking at making some changes to sort that out.

the rifle is that good that im looking at picking up one of the Umarex CVs later in the year for CQB. But as you would expect from a Umarex rifle this is a quality peice of kit for the money.

Mercer said...

There are G36 hire guns where I play, for a first time gun it was pretty decent. I liked the folding stock. They are much lighter than the Aug A3! lol.

Not sure why, but I thought you was from the B'Ham area.

Millest said...

unfortunatly after some issues with the new toy its now been returned to the seller and the store i want to buy from now doesnt have them in stock so looks like a wait until i can get a new one.
plus the g36c has been returned after the buyer buggered it up and with all the shite i just couldnt be arsed to argue with him, not after he put in a claim and started refusing to return the rifle so got it back so i didnt loose out fully. still now splitting it so can make some cash from that.
god airsoft is stressful, still i have my pistol so i can play with that lol

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