Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hobby News - Organise-a-hobby and other randomness!

Hi Folks,
well as some of my regular readers will know things have been a tad quiet on the blog of late. This is down to a number of factors but the main one is work, though a few breaks here and there have been worth it. So firstly apologies for that readers.

As most of you know over the past few weeks I have managed to stay firmly on the pulse of new 40k news and info but my hobby content from a personal standpoint and my own armies has been distinctly lacking in pictorial form but these hands have not been idle in all this time, far from it in fact.

Firstly I have used the past few weeks of being up and down the A12 like a yo yo to rationalise my Airsoft gear and most importantly get my guns in working order and upgraded. All are now working like the beasts they are and all being well we will have some pics and possibly footage from our first game of the year at the end of April so please keep an eye out for that.

Secondly and most importantly for the blog I have managed to rationalise and organise my every growing mass of projects, ideas and randomness down to a more manageable amount. Some work done for friends has been polished off (at last) and any projects of my own I don't think I can manage have been canned. So even with the platoon on my desk the remainder of my guard has been reduced to something more manageable, chiefly this lot:
If anyone can tell me how to stop blogger rotating my pics that would be great!!
OK, so manageable isn't the word, more like over zealous especially when you consider in each of those tank boxes there are actually three tanks to build. Despite all that though I am still looking forward to working on this and the few bits still in the cupboard. I'm thinking there is about 1000 points of infantry there and at least 1500 (if not 2000) points of  vehicles, not including the super heavies.
So as you can see not much room for many other projects, but there are plenty on the drawing board, chief amongst them:
  • A Custodes character and Termies (for fun!!)
  • A new Inquisitor and assorted hangers-on
  • Trying to start an =I=munda warband if i can convince the guys

and those are just the ones I can remember. As you can imagine lots to do and many many ideas.

As you can also imagine that has lead to a lot of left over bits and that combined with my clear out have left me with lots of bits to get rid of, and as this is my blog I can do whats coming next :), so those bits, along with large amounts of scalextric bits and track (yes another random hobby) as well as numerous limited edition figures and books are being listed on my eBay store here:

Some of the items have already gone but many are still there and as more and more gets completed so more and more shall be added so please feel free to check it out or ask me if there is anything in particular your after.

Finally over the coming weeks as things get more organised and my projects get back on track (hopefully not too much working away) then I will finally start getting the much promised product and seller reviews up so keep an eye out for those too.

All that's left is for me to say thanks for reading, thanks for sticking with the blog and hope to have more material soon.

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