Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Power Armour Character Challenge - The Prize & H4H Donation!

Hi folks,
first up apologies for the delay, had a brief visit to the Emerald Isle that delayed getting this up. As followers of the challenge know there was a £5.00 (gbp) prize for the winner of the challenge. To stop any calls of fix or rigged I stated that should I win I would donate the prize to charity. Surprisingly in the end I did end up winning and earlier this week I donated my £5.00 to charity, in this case to Help for Heroes, to prove it see the screen dump below:

Help for Heroes is a great charity helping wounded service personnel in the UK get a better quality of life, more can be found out about them here - Help for Heroes. Please check them out and if you feel so inclined please donate.
Thanks and all the best.

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