Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Power Armour Challenge - Initial W.I.P. submissions

Hi Folks,
welcome to the first post in the now live Power Armour Challenge, unfortunately despite my best efforts we have only managed to secure four entrants despite some interest on the facebook group, but we're not going to let that dissuade us. So with just four entrants I have decided to launch the MMM inagural Open challenge and see what comes of it.

Below are the entries for the Power Armour Challenge, each entry has a picture of the parts or model used and a brief synopsis of the theme and creator (and their blog where relevant).

Name: BdaGamer - Bdagamer's Blog
Force: Emperor’s Children
Character details: Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh Selimyks Blood

Name: Dan
Force: Ultramarines
Character details: Captain Varro Hektor

Name: Chris
Force: Grey Knights
Character details: Currently Unamed Brotherhood Champion

Name: Millest - Millest's Blog
Force: Scythes of the Emperor
Character details: Commander Falx - Fifth Company Reclimation Commander

So there they are folks, the first entries to the first open competition. I cant wait to see how some of them turn out, especially my own!

Final Entries must be in by the 18th of Feb, no exceptions, if it ain't finished it still goes up!


Cameron said...

Hey, I know I'm late to the party, but would I be able to join the power armour challenge with a death guard champion? I definitely like these online community events.

Millest said...

Drop me an email to discuss

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