Saturday, December 03, 2011

A Tale of Some Gamers - Update 03.12.11

Dan's Update
Hi there! It’s been a while but I have some updates.

As Dave has previously eluded to I have splurged out on my first Forge World goodies, notably the Relic Contemptor. I have also got a set of Smurf Termie pads to adorn my Assault termies, which will roll out in a later challenge. But for the 750 challenge I have been playing about with my list to fit in a sucka punch dreadnought, yes this means that I’ve had to drop some options on some units but I feel that it is worth getting the dreadnought.

Aside from splashing the pennies, I have been prepping and modelling. I have now built my predator tank which is due for an undercoat anytime soon. I have also based and filed my chaplain, who now has an undercoat. I have been carefully filling down flashing on my Contemptor ready to build and base. I have also been modelling some other items that were left from my battleforce, I now have a rhino and a scout squad at my disposal. Also I have started work on a Devestator squad and a termie or two.

A quick review of the Contemptor as I’m sure, like Chris and Dave, you’ve been chomping at the bit to see one of these. So I opted for the relic variant purely for the aesthetics, for the weapons choice I have a multi-melta and the combat fist. First impressions were that the mould was really clean and the level of detail on the torso is fantastic. On closer inspection you appreciate the detail to attention on the rest of the model, things like the abdomen and the greaves. I particularly like the multi-melta with the canisters positioned behind the weapon rather than below. I’m also impressed with the size and stature of this model (after piecing it together with blu-tack), it stands more twice the height of a based marine and just looks the nuts. Really looking forward to posing and painting this one!

Millest's Update

Hi Folks,
Like Dan its been more prep for me! I've gone from just building a second platoon, 2 special weapons for my first platoon and a tank to building the following list of odds and sods:
  • Company HQ
  • 2 Special Weapons for the first platoon
  • 2 Special Weapons for the first platoon HQ
  • replacing some bareheaded models
  • 3 Lascannon Teams
  • Leman russ exterminator
  • contemplating a Leman russ eradicator
On top of this I'm also trying to work on my terrain, plus a chimera for my =I= and other side projects however all the prep on the models above is done, the cloth is painted and its time for their flak armour on Monday. My biggest issue is at present I am awaiting a replacement hull for my russ from FW, despite not opening my parcel for sometime (and not knowing if it was FW or RM that are to blame) FW have graciously agreed to send out a replacement hull for my russ after discovering mine was warped and cracked - so this week FW get a two thumbs up from me for customer service.
So all being well however next week will see the return of pics of progress from me (and hopefully Dan) as well as some shots of other projects I'm working on to whet your appetites.

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